I had been excited to turn 30 since the day I was sitting in the formal living room when I was 10 and my Stepdad¬†told me that I couldn’t sit in there until I turned 30. I guess 30 is when they could fully trust that I was responsible enough to not spill juice on their never touched couch and oriental rug.

That day finally came on June 7, 2014. I woke up and was like, I can sit in the formal living room now without being put out. I win at life.

So many people, especially women, have anxiety about turning 30. Why?

That is a legit question. Why?

Is it because for years we have been told by society that by the age of 30, our life should be completely together?

That by the age of 30, we are to be married, have children and be paying a mortgage?

That by the age of 30, we should be in our chosen and desired career?


That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. Guess what’s going to happen the day you wake up and you’re 30 and you have none of the above?

Life is going to keep on moving.

You are no less of an awesome person if you have yet to get married or have a child or have a house on your 30th birthday.

Are you living your life? Are you happy? Are you working towards your goals and dreams?

If the answer to those questions are yes, well you’re doing ok for yourself.

You never fully figure life out. It will throw you curve balls until the day you leave this Earth. You will always have questions and uncertainties. You will lose friends, gain friends, move around, outgrow people, etc, etc,etc.

You may wake up one day and realize that damn it, I may not have wanted to have kids anyway and I’m glad I didn’t get sucked into what societal norms told me I should want.

You may discover that you prefer to be alone or enjoy someone until you can’t enjoy them anymore. And that is way cheaper than divorce, trust me, I know.

Turning 30 is not the end. It’s really the beginning.

What you desire will come with time. So if you feel yourself having a nervous breakdown, slap yourself.

Turning 30 was a new chapter in my life. It was an awakening. I turned 30 and all my fucks went out the window. You don’t like me, awwww I can’t contain my tears. Awww you think I’m fat, well tell your fine Uncle Alton to stop texting me and asking me to come sit on his lap. *insert nail painting emoji here*