In November of 2015, I accepted a job in Dallas, TX and left the comfort zone of my home of 21 years, Little Rock,AR.

I had been trying to advance my career for years in Little Rock but nothing was hitting and I was essentially the working poor so when this opportunity in Dallas came up, I took the interview and I got the job.

It was so hard leaving everything I had ever known. My friends, my family, my baking business…my city. But I knew to advance my life, I had to do it.

So I came on to Dallas for this new job and was like making new friends and getting out on the scene, this gone be a breeze!!!

It in fact, was not a breeze….

I had never had a hard time feeling at home or making friends but making friends past 30 is hard. Three months in, I met some great friends and was on the scene. I was traveling,partying and making connections.

Then everything changed in June 2017 when I had my son.

Parenthood was not in our plans, but God don’t text back.

We have a beautiful little boy that is the joy of my life but motherhood and motherhood in a place with limited family and friends is a hard transition.

So here I am, navigating how to find time to workout, still be fashionable with my current Mom bod, not stress eat carbs and figure motherhood out.

Making time and finding outlets for myself so I don’t lose my identity in just being a mother.

Stopping my body from waking up in the middle of the night even when my child is sound asleep so I can get more than 5 hours of rest.

This blog is going in a different direction since my life is clearly different.

Please join me in my journey, recipes will be involved.